1. Study abroad 1 Q Fukuoka Japan .. For Clinical Psychology

Ku akan melanjutkan studi S2 di bidang Psikologi Klinis atau Pendidikan, salah satu tempat yang ku impikan untuk menambah ilmu dan meningkatkan pengalaman untuk aplikasi ilmu psikologi yang kupilih untuk pendidikan sarjanaku.

Hmm…lihat lambang ini

waahhh….ku akan jadi bagian dari almamater ini tahun 2013, sebagai mahasiswa Master of Psychology Development Clinical.

Ini lho gedung kampusnya…

Hihi….kecil berkarisma. I’ll be there…

Oy…sekalian mari kita berkenalan dengan para profesornya

1. Nojima Kazuhiko, Professor Clinical Psychology Department of Human Sciences Faculty of Human-Environment Studies (http://hyoka.ofc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/search/details/K000577/english.html)

2. Rumi Fukudome, Professor,Faculty of Arts and Science.  (http://hyoka.ofc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/search/details/K002181/english.html)

3. Seiichi Tajima, Professor,Department of clinical psychology, Graduate school of Human Environment Studies Department of Human SciencesFaculty of Human-Environment Studies. (http://hyoka.ofc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/search/details/K000480/english.html)

6. Koichi TOYA, Associate Professor Department of clinical psychology and community studiesDepartment of Human SciencesFaculty of Human-Environment Studies. (http://hyoka.ofc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/search/details/K000287/english.html)
7. Osamu Kitayama, Professor Emeritus Department of Clinical Psychology and Community StudiesDepartment of Human SciencesFaculty of Human-Environment Studies. (http://hyoka.ofc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/search/details/K000586/english.html)
9. Kentaro Masuda, Professor Clinical Psychology Educational Administration,Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Human-Environment Studies.(http://hyoka.ofc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/search/details/K002697/english.html)

Master & PhD Scholarships, Honjo International Scholarship Foundation, Japan

Requirements for foreign students applying for scholarships in 2012


This scholarship is open to foreign students who will attend a graduate school at a Japanese university after April 1, 2012.

Number of Scholarships Available

15 to 20 students


To be considered for the scholarship, the student must satisfy ALL of the requirement criteria below:

  1. The student is registered to attend a graduate school in Japan and does not possess Japanese citizenship. His or her academic achievement as well as moral character is exemplary. He or she must be considered to be in need of financial aid due to extenuating financial circumstances.
  2. The student must be registered to attend or have been accepted to attend a graduate school after April 1, 2012. He or she must be able to provide any of the following documentation: a certificate of enrollment, letter of admission or a letter attesting to the fact that the student has been accepted.
  3. To be eligible, students enrolled in a PhD Program must have been born after March 31, 1976. Those enrolled in a Master’s Program must have been born after March 31, 1981.
  4. The student must be able to assure the committee that he or she will be able to secure employment in his or her home country after graduating from a graduate school.
  5. The student must have a deep understanding of international friendship and goodwill, and be committed to make his or her contribution.
  6. The student must be able to carry an everyday conversation in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese.

Other Rules

  1. The student is not permitted to receive any other scholarship in conjunction with the scholarship offered by the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation.
  2. The student cannot gain employment other than part-time work related to his or her studies such as teaching assistant, research assistant, translator or interpreter while receiving this scholarship

Amount and Duration of Scholarships

1. Scholarships

  1. ¥200,000 per month for1 or 2 years
  2. ¥180,000 per month for 3 years
  3. ¥150,000 per month for 4 or 5 years
  • The period is set in accordance with the shortest period of time required to complete the intended degree. The student, once awarded the scholarship will be able to choose either option 1 or 2.
  • An extension will not be given on the pre-determined scholarship period nor would the student be allowed to change his or her courses after the scholarship period has commenced.

2. Others

Travel expenses for conferences, other expenses will be covered regarding to the scholarship rules

Selection Process

  1. Applications are accepted between October 1, 2011 and November 30, 2011.
  2. First selection: The first selection will be conducted with documents submitted by applicants. The results of the first selection will be announced by January 1, 2012.
  3. Second selection: Interviews will be conducted between February 1 and 15, 2012, in Tokyo. Its detailed schedule will be communicated at a later date directly to those who passed the first step of the selection process.
  4. Scholarship awarded: Mid-March, 2012.

How to Apply

  1. Please visit the website below and write a form, and get your application number. http://www.hisf.or.jp/english/index.html
  2. Write down the application number you got on the application form and send by post mail the documents listed below to the Administration Office.
    • a) Scholarship application form (provided by the Foundation). Please make sure to write your application numbers and attach your photo to the form as instructed.
    • b) Your resume (provided by the Foundation)
    • c) Personal information form (provided by the Foundation)
    • d) Academic transcript: Please provide the transcript i) from the university where you graduated AND ii) any other courses that you are currently taking or have taken in the past. If you transferred into the university, the transcript from the previous school is needed. Photocopies are acceptable.
    • e) Research plan: In Japanese, describe focusing around following four points; i) an outline of your research; ii) projected schedule between now and graduation; iii) plans and goals for the future; iv) research you have conducted in the past (if any). There is no limit on the number of pages or style. Typed or hand-written.
    • f) One letter of recommendation from a professor. (This confidential letter should mention the applicant’s academic achievements, character/personality, and his or her potential for the future.) There is no limit on the number of pages or style.
    • g) A certificate of enrollment or a letter of admission. (Photocopies are acceptable.)
  1. Your application package will be not returned to you.
  2. Your personal information provided by you for the purpose of applying for our scholarship will be not used for any other purposes than for the scholarship selection process except for the following cases.
    • a) During the scholarship selection process, individuals on the selection committee may obtain/view your application package.
    • b) In order to avoid awarding multiple scholarships to an individual, we provide a list of the names of the students who were awarded the scholarship to the universities and other foundations also offering scholarships.
  1. Please make sure you enclose all the necessary documents listed above as your application package will not be eligible if it was found to be incomplete.
  2. We will announce the results of the first selection on January 31 by posting on our web site the application numbers of the students who will continue to the next step of the selection process.

Application Deadline: Postmarked on/by November 30, 2011.

Receiving the Scholarship

  1. The payment of the scholarship money will be issued starting from April, 2012.
  2. The scholarship winners are under no obligation to repay the amount they receive from the Foundation.
  3. Scholarship payment will be stopped if circumstances listed below arise.
    • a) Due to sickness or other reasons, the student is no longer able to continue his or her studies and/or research.
    • b) When the supervising professor of the student deemed him or her unsuitable for his or her studies and/or research.
    • c) When the student suffered from low academic achievement or displayed dishonorable behavior.
    • d) When the student behaved in a way that endangers the reputation of the Foundation and the other scholarship winners.
  1. In case the serious fraud or malicious acts are found in the application process or during the study or the research, Honjo International Scholarship Foundation may request the scholarship student to return the scholarship that has already paid.


  1. You need to come for an individual interview every month; we would like you to participate to events that we will hold.
  2. After you graduated, please come to our alumni events.
  3. We have the Research Fellowship program for alumni scholars.

Please send your application package to:

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

1-14-9, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063

Tel: +81-3-3468-2214

Fax: +81-3-3468-2264

Website http://www.hisf.or.jp

Send inquiries to info@hisf.or.jp


Pasted from <http://www.scholarshipsgrantsloan.com/master-phd-scholarships-honjo-international-scholarship-foundation-japan/>

Report Seminar Acikita

29 Juli 2010

Shiny morning in Andalas University…this morning is so wondered morning…setelah beberapa bulan jarang mulai aktivitas luar rumah begitu pagi…

Numpang dengan seorang ‘riderfrom AU (Andalas University euy….hehe) just need 30 menit (wooooow…) to F Building of AU where the seminar will held.

so….8.40 AM I has there

then walk around gedung….mencari ruang seminar…(uh dasar ‘stranger‘ ….bertambah dech agenda dengan jogging pagi)

akhirnya seperti kata petualang sejati (‘ikutlah kata hatimu’) … akhirnya langkahku berhenti di depan sebuah gedung (Google in me memory said: ini kan tempat seminar dl)


Aku Cinta Indonesia KitaSome people standing aroud there….after ask to a girl (committe .. maybe) … This is it ! (kyk farah Quin t lho)

Bayar….waiting….meet my Friend Melda (alhamdulillah dapat teman)…talk…go in to building…sit…waiting again..again…

about 09 AM, Prof. Dr. M. Riyadi asked to stand on podium by moderator

about 09.30 AM, he open the Seminar ACIKITA “Memajukan pendidikan Bangsa menuju Indonesia Jaya” (Tok..tok..!)

selanjutnya 2 pendiri ACIKITA berjalan mendekati podium (setelah dipersilahkan pembawa acara), Dr. Jumiarti Agus and Prof. Prihardi Kahar … (uni uda…! inyo pasangan ilmuwan Indonesia asal Minangkabau, basuo d nagari Sakura…hai!)

Uni Ijum mamulai pembicaraan tantang apo tu ACIKITA (haha….lah bahaso Minang se. Kato Uni Ijum, gadih Minang (???! ..lah duo anak kato Uni)ralat Perempuan Minang kelahirang 19 Mei 1972,  Acikita tu kependekan dari Aku Cinta Indonesia Kita, suatu lembaga yang concern tantang pendidikan, ekonomi, dan kemasyarakatan(sosial). Mulai berdirinyo di Negeri Sakura, Jepun ateh prakarsa tigo urang.

Banyak kegiatan alah dilaksanakan samanjak ACIKITA berdiri, salah satunyo Sumbangan Buku Gratis ke sekolah-sekolah di Indonesia, manerbitkan 8 buku hasil karya member ACIKITA, info tuak baraja ka lua nagari (Japang, Swedia, Jerman (Jeruk Manis..hehe), Australia, Singapura…deelel), en…Seminar Akbar ACIKITA ko ha..

sataruihnyo iyolah tantang tips-tips baraja ka lua negeri…

Kato Uni tuak ka japang banyak caro nan bisa di pilih mulai dari G to G, U to U atau P to P….apo tu???

G to G tu makasuiknyo Goverment to Goverment, jadi misalnyo wak dapek beasiswa pemerintah Jepun atau Indonesia. Kalau U to U (kamu tuak kamu) University to University artinyo dari kampus ka kampus, misalnyo Padang State University kirim ‘si Udin’ ke Kyoto University, hmmm bantuak tu kiro2 (sayang kabanyo PSU ndak ado koneksi ka Jepun Univ. do….hiks hiks)

ah…nan P to P tu, cubo takok a kok! …

Batua! Apapun jawabannya, batuanyo person to person (urang ka urang), Misalnyo ko a, dosen wak kenal jo Profesor di Jepun, kudian nyo remomendasikan wak k Prof tu.

akhirnya sampai lah wak di Jepun (amin).

selanjutnya ditambankan oleh Prof Prihardi Kahar (urang Bukik asli), nyo lah 18 baleh tahun di Jepun, samanjak mamuli S1, lanjuik S2, ntu S3 sampai kini (wuih….!)

Pak Prof  labiah manyarankan tuak menghubungi lansuang Prof yg ado d Jepun, buliah pakai email (tapi kato Pak Prof  jan pakai caro ko lai….beko jadi spam se, karano email nan masuak sahari bisa labih dari 200 email, beko jadi spam se….jadi faks kan sajo). salain ntu bisa juo telepon lansuang, atau batamu lansuang d Jepun (iko labiah OK).

ntu Kato Pak Prof, kunci “kesungguhan” yo sungguah-sungguah wak…biasonyo Prof d Jepun ntu mancaliak kegigihan wak nio baraja, jadi gigiah se taruih mangirim kan usulan untuk penelitian (Ganbatte). Proposal penelitian nan diajukan sarancaknyo yo bana sasuai jo Bidang Prof tu, jadinyo tertarik mangajak wak tuak jadi muridnyo. (tambah pak prof, kini prof Jepun tu ampiang kehabisan inovasi baru, mako proposal wak tu punya banyak kesempatan)

kemampuan babaho juo pantiang, tarutamo bahaso Jepun jo English. katonyo wak labiah dihargoi kalau punyo kamampuan ko (lain lubuak lain ikannyo, lain nagari lain adaik istiadaiknyo…mangarati jo bahaso, murah wak manyasuaikan diri…tul..tul??

kiro2 ntu inti pembicaraan before ‘ishoma’ (break, shalat en lunch…hmm enak)

to be continue….trims

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Seminar Acikita

“Memajukan Pendidikan Bangsa Menuju Indonesia Jaya”
Seminar Pendidikan
“Memajukan Pendidikan Bangsa Menuju Indonesia Jaya”

Alhamdulillah, puji syukur kami panjatkan kepada Allah, pemilik jagat raya ini. Dengan proses persiapan yang berliku-liku, dengan segala kendala dan kemudahan yang diberikanNya, akhirnya kami berani mengumumkan acara akbar berupa “Serangkaian Se- minar dan Presentasi oleh aktivis ACIKITA”.

ACIKITA (Aku Cinta Indonesia Kita), sebuah organisasi yang didirikan oleh anak bangsa yang bersekolah dan bekerja di luar negeri, dengan tujuan mempercepat “Kemajuan Indonesia Kita”.

Insya Allah acara akan dilaksanakan di beberapa universitas di tanah air. Seminar kali ini mengangkatkan topik tentang pendidikan, berupa informasi, dan inovasi untuk sistem pendidikan kita. Kami menganalisis bahwa melalui jalur pendidikan insya Allah akan bisa memutus rantai permasalahan di negeri tercinta kita Indonesia.Insya Allah akan terwujud negara Indonesia yang aman, nyaman, damai, sejahtera untuk semua umatnya, Amiin.

Presentasi Meliputi :

1. Berbagi rahasia dan kiat jitu, untuk mendapatkan beasiswa dan kesempatan bersekolah ke negara maju.

2. Kiat survive studi di negeri orang dengan atau tanpa beasiswa.

3. Persiapan dan proses aplikasi sekolah ke luar negeri.

4. Pengalaman bersekolah di negeri orang.

5. Berbagi pengalaman berkarir di negri orang,

6. Mendapatkan dana riset dan menjalin kerjasama dengan luar negeri .

7. Berbagai peluang kerjasama bagi dosen/perguruan tinggi/pemerintah daerah, dengan luar negeri untuk mempercepat kemajuan NKRI kita.

8. Informasi Beasiswa dan juga study ke luar negeri.


Tapi kami menawarkan kepada anda paket ekslusif dengan keuntungan menarik sebagai berikut.

Paket Rp.100.000
Keuntungan :
– Mendapatkan Sertifikat
– Mendapatkan Makan Siang
– Dapat Salah satu Buku ACIKITA
– Mendapatkan KAOS ACIKITA.

Paket Rp. 50.000 (khusus Mahasiswa)
– Mendapatkan Sertifikat
– Makan Siang
– Mendapatkan salah satu buku ACIKITA

@ Kampus Unand Padang :
Tanggal 29 Juli 2010
Jam 8-17.WIB
Tempat: Gedung F Kampus Unand Limau Manis
Contact Person:
DR. Safni 081374282673.
Pendaftaran :
Suryani Meciyen (HP : 081266590127)

DR. Prihardi Kahar (Asc. Prof Meisei Univ, Jepang, menyelesaikan S1,S2,S3,postdoct di universitas Jepang,18 th tinggal di Jepang, Pembina dan Pendiri ACIKITA).

DR. Safni (Dosen Univ. Andalas Padang, menyelesaikan S2 dan S3 di Gifu University, Jepang, aktivis ACIKITA)

DR. Jumiarti Agus (Peneliti di Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), menyelesaikan S3 di TIT, pendiri, penulis dan Ketua Internasional ACIKITA)

Agus Mujib Ali, M.Eng (Dosen LP3I, S2 Alumni Tokyo Institute of Technology, Sukses Sekolah di Jepang tanpa Beasiswa, Wakil Ketua ACIKITA Internasional.)

dan Morita Yasuko (Guru Bahasa Jepang dan tenaga volentir (suka rela) untuk warga asing di Machida, Tokyo, Simpatisan dan aktivis ACIKITA).

Tag From Shona (shona_v3@yahoo.com)


ACIKITA (http://www.aci-foundation.org)