Jangkrik juga ingin mendengarnya

There were the chipmunks  climbing of the tree

I stop to look at him

He stop to look at me

I said hello

He didn’t understand and he went run away

I recited from Qur’an dan he decided to stay

Animal love to hear Qur’an and try out some day

He Stop to listen carefully every word you say



I found it last night

After Isya pray…

Standing to my bed, I  hold Qur’an..

Then … I hear ‘Jangkrik’ song

Enough loud,

Then I decide to start reading Qur’an


Than song lost in silent

Until I finish


Subhanallah … begitu luar biasa ciptaan Allah ini,

Apakah kita seperti mereka dalam mendengarkan Kalam Suci?

Hmmm….let’s be better 🙂

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