Seminar ‘Enterpreneurship’ with KOPERINDAG

3 November 2011, Sosialisasi Kewirausahaan dari Koperindag. Beberapa hari sebelumnya My BBF Riny send us a message to register for this seminar. That’s the Start…for wonderful journey next to find and build enterpreneur self, for me especially.

The first day, Mr. Rudy start to build our enterpreneur self. He said be enterpreneur, we must look for something that can create, bergerak gesit, have will organized individual, memiliki optimistic and tidak tergantung pada keberuntungan. More than that all, we must keep sharing with others.

Then we must dare to dream (arrange a clear target)

…dare to try

…dareto fight

…dare to fail

…dare to success

So…Action 🙂

Next day, Mr. Imran Convince our enterpreneur self with a circle of success management (Allah SWT, Family, Financial, Physic, Mentally, and Social). Then knowing our potensial will help us to make boost marketing plan that we’ve written in Bisnis Plan.

Plus…plus tps is ‘pray alias Doa’

The last day Mr Azwir and Mr. Firlan, more convince our enterpreneur will with word….Just start and then write every movement that you make…it really helpfull to push you up.

At Least…in special date November (11) 11, 2011, at 11 o’clock, this Seminar closed by head of UPTD Padang, and 13 newer enterpreneur self have rebuild to make grear movement next. 🙂

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